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    Sophie Conran launches on Social Media

    Earlier this year Laughing Buddha launched the designer, cook and author, Sophie Conran on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest along with a brand new blog which will accompany her new website due to launch later this year. Laughing Buddha took on the task of educating her in-house team and posdeciding upon the right platforms to engage with her consumers and help showcase her many products for Portmeirion, Arthouse, Arthur Price and Burgon & Ball in the process.

    Richard Le Cocq, Director of Laughing Buddha describes the importance of getting the tone right from the get go:

    “As a high profile person and as a household brand like Jamie Oliver and Nigella Lawson who have already established themselves as online brands, we felt it was essential to get the tone of Sophie’s online voice just right before entering the digital space. It needed to be authentic and approachable and deciding upon a ‘personal journal’ feel to her online presence allows fans and followers to respond to her personally and learn from her vast knowledge of cooking and design in the process. It’s far too easy to segregate personality from the product when it comes to e-commerce, especially when you have such a diverse range of products as Sophie, so this is an opportunity to build a grassroots relationship with her customers and establish herself as a trustworthy source of advice and tips for the home, providing inspiration for those who love great food and great design.”

    Laughing Buddha launched Sophie Conran online with a monthly ‘Surprise Gift’ competition to help build her fan base and help spread the word which you can enter here. Over the next few months we look forward to seeing her digital domain grow with the help of the Buddha. Sophie Conran adds:

    “Laughing Buddha have been brilliant at teaching us what seemed like an unfathomable new language, Richard and his team have explained it all in the simplest terms, with good humour and patience through out. The outcome is that we are now confident and digitally integrated. Thank you Richard!” 

    Thanks Sophie and her team and for introducing homemade cake and biscuits to client meetings. Awesome.

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