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I love helping to connect people with great ideas and have been working brands and audiences online in the UK, USA and Australia. 


    Sometimes looking at the bigger picture is the best way to create a plan which everyone can work with and understand. As a consultant, I’ve collaborated with many organisations from Disney Pictures to Ambassador Theatre Group, to help refine who their audience is and how to talk to them, delivering campaigns which can run for ten weeks or even two years.


    Do you ever question why your website or social media isn’t working as well as it could? An audit is a great way to review, evaluate and set benchmarks to maximise your digital presence. I’ve been trusted to deliver comprehensive analysis for Burts Potato Chips and also the Royal Society of Portrait Painters, helping them shine a light on how they can improve their current communication efforts and reveal valuable audience data they might be missing out on.


    Whether or not it’s a strategy you’ve developed with myself or you need support project managing some of your own campaigns. I’ve handling campaigns involving social content, email marketing, video production, influencer campaigns, press, outdoor, promotions, publicity, media planning. From Jerry Springer - The Opera to Royal Opera House, you couldn’t be with a more safer pair of hands.


    Social is a noisy place so you need to stand out from the crowd, not just follow it. Content needs to be authentic and represent your brand's voice, so I've produced some of the most memorable social media plans which engage communities online over the last ten years. From utilising video, live streaming for Sadler's Wells to a long term tone of voice and content schedule for Thomas The Tank Engine.


    You have mere seconds to catch a reader’s eye when it comes to writing for the web. Getting the right words and not waffling is a crucial part of ensuring your content is seen. I started my career as a copywriter writing commercial scripts for the National Lottery and taglines for Universal Pictures. Since then, I’ve been blogging, writing website copy, reviews, and press releases for many outstanding clients who care about words as much as I do.


    Digital moves at lightning speed. It’s exhausting knowing what should you be spending your time and budget on. If you simply don’t have the staff or the time to keep up to date with what Facebook is doing with their advertising model or whether people are using Snapchat anymore, so I offer training, seminars, and one-to-one tutorials to increase your understanding of the latest developments.


Thanks for dropping by.

I live in South London. I own an unimpressed, long-haired dachshund called Molly and I have lived all over the world, therefore, making it a high probability I am a mutual friend of someone you know. When I am not having huge delusions of grandeur about becoming a professional writer, I do digital and through-the-line marketing for people and brands.

If you're wondering, the name 'Laughing Buddha' originally came from the blog I started up when I lived in Australia (and not because I'm a 'digital guru') My journal was somehow looking on and guiding me through my experience of living abroad, so when I started consulting it seemed a perfect description of how I wanted to look after my clients too.

I have spoken at Society of London Theatre & Theatrical Management Association, Buckinghamshire University and the University of the Arts London, and also sit on the Board of Make A Difference Trust charity, raising money & awareness for HIV & AIDS projects.

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