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    Is Instagram set to grow in 2012?

    One of the predictions for social media in 2012 in a recent post from The Social Media Examiner yesterday was by Jay Baer from Convince&Convert who believes Instagram will take off in a big way.

    “A picture (or video) speaks louder than 140 characters. Given that the camera on your smartphone is almost as good as your actual camera, the multimedia-driven social networks are here to stay”

    Baer points out this will never overtake Facebook’s current popularity but I’ve definitely seen an increase in more individuals taking up this App. Much like Flickr, if you’re not the most eloquent of writers or plain can’t think of anything to say every day as a status update, (perhaps you don’t find yourself not as witty as you thought or rather not lead headline filled lifestyle?) this is the perfect way to reach out to people. Who wouldn’t love to be inspired by pictorial glimpse into a person’s life through an online photo album? Hell, there’s even filters to make you look like Annie Leibowitz or David Bailey! It’s incredibly easy to update and it can also link through to your preferred social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and Flickr. Most of all, it’s free! I’ll definitely be suggesting it as an option to my clients who are simply snap happy and would rather show off their photographic skills.

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