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    Laughing Buddha’s Top Secrets For Posting on Facebook

    Facebook’s Newsfeed itself will relaunch with a new look very soon and with all the social media blogs and guides out there to getting the most out of posting on Facebok, we thought we’d pull in all the top tips together from the ‘interweb’ so you can get the most out of your Page. Some may surprise you, but more importantly some might help you improve how you reach your fans.

    Edgerank is something a few of you might not be familiar with but is an important algorithm Facebook developed to decide on the relevancy of a person or Page’s post. You’re not guaranteed to see all the posts from Friends and Pages in your newsfeed (in fact people see on average only 16% of posts) so it’s not just because of the amount of times you login and the timing of your posts you should consider. Understanding your posts have a shelf life and that you need to optimise them (or make them the best they can be) for maximum exposure is really important. For example, did you know posts featuring photos or links are far more popular and carry more ‘weight’ than plain text updates? A user is more likely to see posts from another user whose posts they regularly Like, Share and Comment on, than one they hardly communicate with at all and posts which are 100-250 characters long get 60% more Likes, Shares and Comments. So keep those posts short, interesting and to the point.

    Which posts are the most effective from your experience and do you have any tips of your own you’d like to share with us?

    Laughing Buddha's 8 Secrets to Posting on Facebook Infographic

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