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    Don’t Just Talk About Yourself

    My favourite scene in the movie ‘Beaches‘ with Bette Midler is surprisingly not the under the boardwalk scene or (spoiler alert) the sad bit where Debra Winger finally kicks the bucket ever so gracefully, it’s the scene where they meet up after Bette’s character has become a success on Broadway and during the introductions she says,  “Enough about me, let’s talk about you? What do you think of me?”.  We all know actors who behave like this from time to time, who love to gear the conversation around their favourite subject – themselves. To be fair and ego aside,  it’s an occupational hazard, especially within an industry that requires you to sell yourself and talents relentlessly.

    One thing we encourage all our clients to do on social media however, is to find another subject matter to talk about. It goes without saying your fans want to know what’s happening with your career and get a glimpse of your personal life in the process but showing you care about other issues humanises and makes you much more interesting. Do it right, and you can attract a receptive audience who may then tune in to your TV show, see your latest movie or go see you perform on stage – all because as they respect you an artist and as a person.  Vanessa Mae is apparently skiing for the Winter Olympics this year and George Clooney is making headlines for his humanitarian campaigning for Sudan, so what interests you beyond your work?

    George Takei  from Star Trek fame has generated a whole new legion of fans through his online activism for Equal Rights through Facebook. These are a new generation who have no idea about his sci-fi heritage but drawn by his entertaining and though-provoking posts about Prop 8, racism and campaign to educate people about the history of Japanese Americans. He’s doing it so well in fact, he’s now employing a social media manager to look after his online campaigning.

    Remember, your interests don’t have to  be political. Perhaps it’s a charity you support or just a hobby  like cooking or balloon animals? All are valid subjects as they matter to you and it’s your enthusiasm that will make you more engaging and perhaps steer your career into a whole new direction like George Takei.


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