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    Buddha Loves…’It’s Time’ Get Up! Australia

    Julian Shaw stars in this moving and poignant online campaign for Get Up! Australia, which has gone viral around the world in a matter of weeks. What I love about this campaign, as well as the subject matter which is close to my heart having lived in Sydney for three years and having been appalled at the lack of progress when it comes to basic equal rights, is that this campaign has all the right elements in place to succeed and it’s so inspring when an important issue like this takes off via social media and is seen by millions. It does the following so well:

    1) It captures a moment in our cultural and political landscape without actually talking politics or justifying its cultural significance. It could almost be someone’s home video. Much like the ‘It Gets Better Campaign‘ which has now spawned a massive following and series of global videos, the timing is bang on.

    2) It’s an issue thats global and not just confined to Australia and the video depicts a ‘relationship’ both of which we can all relate to,  so the viral potential of this campaign is increased as a result.

    3) It’s positive. No shock tactics. No controversy. No dancing cats or belly laughs to make an impression. It touches and it moves you. Simple.

    Watch it here.

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