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    10 Tips for Starting A Fan Page

    So you want to get on Facebook and want a Fan Page? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Laughing Buddha creates Fan Pages for our clients all the time – it’s what we do best! Some of our clients who we’ve helped establish an online presence, want to get involved themselves and ask us if there any tips and advice on how to manage it.

    Having an existing personal profile doesn’t necessarily mean you will know how to manage a Fan Page initially and there are a number things to consider when establishing yourself or a brand on the big social network that is Facebook.

    We thought it was time the Buddha created a simple guide detailing the basic rules and tips anyone should stick to and it’s available as a PDF to download here on the Home Page. And guess what, it’s totally FREE! Aren’t we nice?

    1. Don’t use your Personal Profile!

    Set up a Fan Page to look official and ensure you keep your fans as fans and your friends as friends. It’s wise to keep your personal life, family and friends private and away from the fans, media and industry people who will only be interested in you professionally.

    2. Think of it less like a billboard and more like hosting a party.

    You can’t just walk into the room and shout at everyone expecting they will talk back to you, so circulate, be personal and tailor your message to the types of people you want to attract – whether it be general fans, journalists or casting agents.

    3. Decide what you want to get out of Facebook.

    Is it to launch yourself in the industry and raise your profile? Do you want to create a community or your fans to share their experiences and get the latest news? Is it to talk about the issues you care passionately about? Do you need to promote a novel or your next tour dates perhaps? With this in mind, you can begin provide invaluable and relevant content, so your fans know what to expect from ‘Liking’ your page.


    No one wants to hear someone moan or bitch. Unless it’s really, really, funny! You should be inspiring, thought-provoking and most of all FUN! Think of the Fan Pages you enjoy and how they talk, most of them will have a sense of humour about it, yes?

    5. Encourage discussion.

    When you post something, phrase it as a question and make sure you also reply to any questions to keep the conversation flowing. Social media has the word ‘social’ in it for a reason!

    6. Vary your content.

    Record a video diary, post photos, reveal fun facts or just links that inspire you. Test to see what’s popular and what is easiest for you to come up with regularly.

    7. Schedule your posts.

    Know when and how often you need to come up with content so your Fan Page is always up-to-date with news. Perhaps it’s every Monday afternoon, midweek and Friday mornings? Once you know what works for you it will be less of an ordeal to maintain.

    8. Acknowledge any negativity or criticism.

    You are a public figure and Facebook is a public forum after all, so resist the temptation to censor your fans as this could create a further backlash and listen to what they have to say and respond positively.

    9. Be aware it can be time consuming!

    For you to make any impact on social media you have to post regularly and interact with your fans regularly. If you don’t have the time, why not get a savvy social media manager like Laughing Buddha (yes, that’s us!) to look after the day-to-day stuff.

    10. LISTEN and keep an open mind.

    The best way to figure out what might be newsworthy or interesting is to simply ask and listen to your fans. It’s the most effective thing you or any brand can do online and the most invaluable thing you can learn.



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