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Lets talk Digital & Social Media, shall we?

Lets talk Digital & Social Media, shall we?

Laughing Buddha offers digital & social media strategy for any brand, organisation or individual looking to establish or strengthen their online presence. We’ve been talking ‘digital’ for over 14 years, successfully delivering integrated digital marketing & publicity strategy within film, theatre, fashion, television and various other industries. Knowing how to communicate effectively online using the right platforms has never been more important and lucky for you, the Buddha is here to help you.

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The Social Buzz BAFTA Award goes to…
Way To Blue has just published an infographic showing us the real winners of last Sunday’s BAFTA Television Awards. Move over Olivia Coleman, Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul and the Game of Thrones stars who were in attendance, all of whom you would expect would get a lot of conversation, it was in fact Graham Norton […] Read more – ‘The Social Buzz BAFTA Award goes to…’.
10 Myths About YouTube
Nine years ago, YouTube was born and it’s founder Jawed Karim uploaded its first video, entitled ‘Me At The Zoo‘ since then the video channel dominates the worldwide web. We Are Social have a nifty little infographic debunking some of the myths around the world’s most popular video site and its users. Read more – ‘10 Myths About YouTube’.
Social Media Stats for 2014
I’m loving this animated infographic video created by 24 Motion Design. Gives you the latest on the world wide web and who’s using what! Did you over know over 80% Pinterest users are women and that Snapchat now has a crazy 4.6 million users sharing photos with each other? And that a staggering 40% of […] Read more – ‘Social Media Stats for 2014’.

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